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Goal For Any Event:
Using colourful visual & auditory presence,
To add pageantry, humour, context, historical perspective, & fun
To help make that event Extraordinary!

Services Performed and Inclusions


Okanagan Town Crier will perform any service

that requires gaining audience attention, and delivering a message

• Some of These Services Include:

  •    CRYs               150 to 200 words, to introduce or honour someone, or open some event

  •          • Reception                           • Special Event                    • Wedding (ideas below)        • Business/Season Opening

  •          • Birthday                             • Anniversary                       • Award Ceremony                 • Trade Show Opening

  •          • Retirement                        • Congratulations!                • Building Dedication             • Festival Opening

  •          • Theme Banquets              • Honourary Citizenships     • Tournaments                       • Concerts, Theatre

  • Master of Ceremonies                                              Keynote Speaker                                  Storyteller

  • Greet and Welcome Guests                                     Announce Dignitaries                           Introduce Emcee/Host

  • Welcome or other Proclamation                             Announce Awards                                Competition Announcer

  • Storyteller *                                                               Ambassador                                          Tourism Attraction

  • Promote Participation                                              Roving colourful character                  Off-site Promotion

  • Lead a Parade                                                           Hand out Literature                              Deliver a Toast

  • Corporate Video                                                        Voiceovers                                             Endorsements

  • Speaking at Schools/Public Functions                                           

Video of a Story read by Okanagan Town Crier and his Assistant, Amy ,is available for viewing at

YouTube OkanaganTown Crier - " Ogopogo and the Heart Stone"

• Clients For Whom Services may be Performed

  •     Civic administrations    Service organizations    Non-profit organizations.

  •       Businesses                      Individuals

• How and Where Services may be performed

  •       In person:                                             Anywhere in Okanagan region, or elsewhere by arrangement;

  •     Remotely, by “TownCRY-a-Gram”:     CRY performed locally, uploaded to YouTube site, viewed       

  •                                                                   anywhere.             (See below "How does a TownCRY-a-Gram work")

• Included With Each Service

  •      Research                                          To ensure Town Crier participation will help make an event extraordinary!

  •      Creative Writing                               For later oral presentations (CRY or other), to be approved by Client

  •      Oral Presentation                            Colourful livery, use of bell, and “Oyez” to gain attention

  •      Scroll Copy of Presentation           Given or emailed to beneficiary, on Ivory Parchment paper in Papyrus font

  •      Video of Presentation                     Uploaded to Town Crier’s YouTube site, for repeat enjoyment

  • ============================================================================================

How does a TownCRY-a-Gram work?











































Some Ideas for Using Okanagan Town Crier at a Wedding

If you value an unique addition to your special day, consider the vocal talents and pageantry provided by the Okanagan Town Crier. Dressed in classical colourful livery, I deliver a key message to any-sized audience, after first capturing their attention by ringing s bell, and calling “Oyez! Three times.


Some of the ways you may wish to consider my services include the following:


A. Before and After the Wedding

  1. Announcements at the rehearsal party, to let participants know the schedule

  2. CRY - Memorable Wake up call for the bride or groom

  3. CRY Personal proclamation after wedding party has left the church – either to the new couple, or from the new couple

  4. Announcements about timing of photos, time and place of reception.


B. Reception:

  1.  Warm welcome for the guests as they arrive

  2.  CRY and then Lead in the head table

  3.  Helping hand to ensure seamless program continuity

  4.  Master of ceremonies, or assist an inexperienced Emcee

  5.  Announce the speakers

  6.  Thank you messages to family, guests, and other helpers

  7.  Announce cutting of cake, throwing garter, first dance, family dance, etc.


C, After the Wedding Day EG Gift Opening

  1.  CRY Announcement of recent nuptials to mark the happy occasion, with best wishes for the couple’s future life together.


The potential uses are limited only by your imagination!

Service Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Bruce loves to brainstorm ideas! Call him!

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