Geographic Territory Covered


     The Okanagan Town Crier has participated and remains available to participate, in events across the Okanagan Region, from Vernon to Naramata. In first 2 year,s gigs were performed in Vernon, Lake Country, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland (roving character only) and Naramata.


     As well, he was invited to perform in Vancouver, for the Children's Wish Foundation, at their annual "Heroes Challenge" event, celebrating the granting of wishes for 14 children. 


     This broad territory is possible because the Okanagan Town Crier is not associated with a particular community as its Official Town crier.

Breadth of Duties Performed in First Two Year s


The Okanagan Town Crier has performed for individuals, businesses, civic organizations, media (CBC Radio) and service clubs. 

The Okanagan Town Crier has been invited to participate with fund-raising events, fun-raising events, restaurant re-openings, award dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement celebration, art show, Life Membership award, major community events, not-for-profit events, sesquicentennial events, entertainer introductions, car show (Lake Country), fashion show, celebration of Life. etc. As well, on occasion, the Okanagan Town Crier has simply showed up at events as a roving character, to add colour and interest to them.

Duties have ranged from being a colourful roving character to being the keynote speaker at an annual event. These have included being the Emcee at several events (including a 260 person banquet), introducing the Emcee, doing numerous CRYs, being a greeter, promoting participation for an event, doing off-site promotion for a business, being a parade entry (3 communities), announcing an event in process.

In short, the Okanagan Town Crier has done and will do whatever is required to help make an event extraordinary!

Images and Videos of several of these events are presented under the "Happenings" header, Gallery section.

Scope of Liveries (Uniforms) Used

The Okanagan Town Crier has two main liveries, plus more developed for specific events or aspects of life in our communities. As new events are introduced, unique additions are made to the livery to add to that specific occasion.

The two main liveries are the traditional Town Crier uniform (refer to  "History" Header, Livery Section for details), and a modern, contemporary livery uniquely adapted to local aspects. This livery is all-white, with various-coloured (red, black, white, peach, blue) accessories (top hat, cummerbund, hankie and ascot). The style is reminiscent of our turn of nineteenth to 20th century founder, John Robinson, with stove-pipe pants and top hat, plus accessories.

Added liveries include a lumberjack outfit (refer to video in Gallery) for one of our earlier industries, and a Superman outfit for child-related events (Mrs. Town Crier has a Super Girl matching outfit).

Unique additions include such things as a beard, cape and candy-cane staff for Christmas-related events.

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