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                           "Welcome, Visitors! We hope you enjoy your stay in Peachland, And will come back - soon!"


                            “Visitors to Peachland Need to Know Stuff!”


NOTE: Peachland Visitor Centre publishes the "Official Visitors Guide for Peachland."  It is an excellent resource for visitors and residents alike., available at the Visitors Centre, and also online at


    The Visitors' Helper below was prepared independently by the Okanagan Town Crier, and later the content was compared to the Official Visitor Guide version.

     The Official Visitors Guide is a better resource, because it has a map, a list of events scheduled for the year in Peachland, and has more detail about the restaurants (price ranges, kids' menu, allergy aware, wi-fi, vegan). For B&Bs, It has features about those 8 B&Bs and for 9 Vacation Rentals it lists (EG number rooms, price range, privacy, pets)

     The Visitors' Helper has a few different elements, such as a personal critique of the restaurants, commentary on ALL retail businesses on Beach/Hwy 97, some information about Ogopogo, info about the Museum, a list of 2 winery tour companies based here, a list of 23 B&Bs/Vacation Rentals, churches and service clubs, and write-ups on some features only shown on a map by the Guide EG moorage, dog -friendly info, swimming & picnic locations. Also, the Visitors' helper will be updated as the Town Crier becomes aware changes and additions, whereas the Official Visitors Guide is static until re-issued (likely annually).

This Visitors’ Helper Tells You About -----       2018/2019 _____2nd Edition, updated August 2019


  1.   Big Picture Stuff                   

  2.   All the Restaurants              

  3.   Preserving Our History       

  4.   Terrific Hiking Trails           

  5.   Moor for Boaters                 

  6.   Swimmers & Picnickers     

  7.   Dog Country                         

  8.   Unique Boutiques                

  9.   Useful Services                   

  10.    Recreation Facilities          

  11.    Unique Attractions             

  12.    Myriad of Artists                 

  13.    Wineries and Wine Tours  

  14.    Places to Stay                     

  15.   Churches & Service Clubs  

  16.   Two Key Info Sources        


This Visitors’ Helper is published by Bruce Klippenstein. Reproduction without his (my) permission is not allowed.

1. Big Picture Stuff


1. Peachland is a lakeside resort community in Okanagan, BC, with warm weather and many enjoyable attractions & events!


2. Peachland has virtually no mosquitoes, due to a colony of bats residing in the old schoolhouse, now the Visitors Centre & Art Gallery. Hurray for bats!


3. Peachland has continuous public lake frontage access along its North-South length, and a walkway to encourage strolling along the lake. It is the only community on Lake Okanagan, BC to have had the foresight to preserve this beautiful asset for its citizens and visitors.


4 Peachland has the only lifeguarded beach on Lake Okanagan, at Swim Bay. Great attraction for young families!


5. Peachland has one of only six restaurants that are over the water of Lake Okanagan.


6. Ogopogo, the world’s most credible sea serpent, lives by Ogopogo Island (Rattlesnake Island), across Lake  Okanagan from Peachland.



2. Peachland is Renowned for its Excellent Restaurants


A. Beach Ave, near South end


The Blind Angler peers over the water. It is very popular, for that reason and because it has character and great food. Eat in or on the patio, above the lake. Tell Nancy and Theresa that the Town Crier sent you!


The Gasthaus has achieved all 3 of the requirements of a great restaurant – great atmosphere (including lakeside magic!), excellent food, & reasonable prices.

   Authentic German food, also international/N.A. fare. Indoor or out, informal or dining style. My well-travelled son says he had “the best meal of his life” here. His mother did not disown him.     Located at 5790 Beach.


Dragon Lotus has been named, by Trip Advisor in each of last four years, as “BC’s Best Chinese Food Restaurant.” I concur. It has recently expanded and re-located along Highway 97 near  South end of Peachland District.

Beach Avenue Café and Tapas Bar is a great coffee shop with home-baked goodies & fabulous crepes on their breakfast menu. Also a wonderful restaurant and evening entertainment spot. In Summer, the musicians are outside, so all strollers in the vicinity also enjoy a great Summer treat. Their promotions are superb! Eat in or on the patio, overlooking the lake.


First and Beach Bar Grill

Katie adds her personal owner’s touch to her awesome food, including healthy dishes. Evenings sometimes include musical and comedy entertainment. Eat in or on patio, overlooking the Lake.

Ships A-hoy

One review: “This little place is a must go! Hands down the best Fish n Chips you’ll ever have. Service is amazing.” Ice cream also from their window.  Eat in or out, overlooking the Lake

Waterfront Grill & Pizzeria

TripAdvisor rates this as 4 out of 5 stars. Licensed. Eat in or outside. Lively entertainment. Enjoy authentic Italian Gelato from the window. Eat in or on patio, overlooking the Lake.


Cooks Mill, Royal Cdn. Legion

Everyone welcome! Recipe for success: new chef, daily specials, licensed, and a renovated interior! Food is excellent and affordable. Pool table & darts. Appetizer/meal specials daily. West from lakeside Cenotaph.


Edgewater Bar & Grill

Very lively, an evening favourite! Many appetizer/menu choices. Entertainment, pool tables. Karaoke on Tuesday evening. Eat in or on patio, overlooking the Lake. Popular Happy Hour.


Peachland Sushi

Family-run business, featuring fusion sushi and rolls and delicious warm and hot dishes. Extensive Japanese Sake & Beer selection. Review on website: “Amazing food, great prices and amazing staff. Delicious!" Re-located from Peachland centre in 2019


Bliss Bakery and Bistro

Beach and 13th St.

Excellent coffee, espresso & baked goodies, including fresh bread loaves for home, all made with natural, pure ingredients, & no added chemicals or preservatives. Fabulous soups and sandwiches. So good that it expanded into West Kelowna and Kelowna! Winner of Best Bakery, Best Coffee, and Best Dessert by Okanagan Life. Eat in or on patio, overlooking the Lake.


B. Peachland Centre (Hwy 97)


A& W

Terry and Vallee, and their staff, work very hard to make this a welcoming restaurant and drive-in! Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by TripAdvisor. Their breakfasts are excellent, whether bacon & eggs or the bacon/sausage/egg sandwiches. Superb Service!



Review on TripAdvisor:  “Good food, very good service. Happy to have a Sub in Peachland!”


Murray’s Pizza

Rated 4 out of 5 by TripAdvisor. Limited seating, takeout and delivery available.  They advertise “best tasting pizzas, lasagna, spaghetti, chicken wings, baby back ribs, calzones, and more.” Gluten-friendly fresh-made dough, thin or thick crust. Pizzas are stone-cooked.


C. Hwy 97, South of Town area


Fitz Bistro

In Fitzpatrick Winery, at Greata Ranch, just South of Peachland on Hwy. 97.  Seriously great view of Lake Okanagan from the patio! TripAdvisor rates this 4.5 out of 5. One review, by Montrealer: “Try to time your visit for lunch or dinner. Delicious food in an outstanding setting with best bubbly in all of Canada.” Check their website for special occasions.


3. Peachland Preserves Its Exciting Past

 Peachland Museum is the Church of our History!

Peachland Museum is located at 5890 Beach, near south end

The main floor of our unique 8-sided Museum building, which originally was a Baptist Church, has hundreds of historical artifacts, photographs, newspapers and documents on display.  Together, they offer a glimpse into the rich Peachland past.

Kettle Valley Railway Runs in Peachland!

Our Museum has its entire second floor devoted to an HO scale model of the famous Kettle Valley Railway, based on Nelson to Hope from 1955 to 1965.  The detailed geographic features, towns, bridges, engine houses, etc. are amazing, and interactive. Children of all ages (you too, Dad) love it!  It was built and is maintained by a collection of model railroaders, the Central Okanagan Railway Company.


Signage all around Peachland tell our storied history. The size and design of all signs are coordinated. 


This rich fabric has been captured by talented writers of the Peachland Historical Society in a series of books.

The Story of Peachland (author Don Wigfield, 3rd Edition 2018) gives an overview, without seeming like a textbook. These are available at the Museum, or the Visitor Centre, for only $20. A great souvenir for visitors! Great resource for residents.


Peachland Historical Mural Paints our Town

Immediately south of the Museum, next to the public washrooms, is the large Rotary mural painted by artist Robyn Lake, on a retaining wall. It graphically depicts Hardy Falls, the Wharf, Walters Packinghouse (destroyed by boulders during highway construction), a paddle-wheeler, and downtown scenes of past and present. The mural was refreshed in 2019.


Heritage Park was Once The Heart of Commerce

• This inviting playground park across from the Museum was once the heart of our thriving downtown, when fruit orchards were a major industry.

• It had a cannery to receive and treat our orchard fruits, Walters Limited Packinghouse to ready them for consumers, and a wharf for paddle-wheelers and cargo boats.

• At the South end is a totem pole, carved by renowned carver, Oliver Jackson, watching over all.

• In 2019, Council purchased the last privately owned property on our lakefront. The building was demolished, and the land's final use is under review.

4. Peachland has Terrific Hiking Trails!


Trails range from Moderate to Demanding Walks and Hikes

The District of Peachland has a page devoted to the various trails in and around Peachland, including Stave Pipe Trail, Trepanier Trail, Pincushion Mountain Trail,  Gladstone Trail, Fur Brigade Trail, Stairway to Heaven, Eaglesview Trail, Elizabeth Warrendorf Trail,

The Visitor Centre is researching & crafting a brochure on all our hiking trails. Excellent project!


Here are the Main Hiking Trails:

1. Stave Pipe Trail

      4 km     Moderate Steep

• Trailhead is at rear of school, behind Peachland Centre. At its highest point 1.3 km up, it meets the Trepanier Forest Trail.


 2. Trepanier Forest Trail

     5 km     Difficult

• Trailhead is at Ponderosa Place and 6th Avenue. After .5 km, it meets Stave Pipe Trail, then continues SW 1.5 km to the Forest Service Road. It turns East for .6 km where it meets the Pincushion Mountain Trail.  It continues East and around the former golf course back to the Trailhead.


3. Pincushion Mountain Trail

    3.5 km     Demanding

• Trailhead is at top of Ponderosa Drive. Elevation will increase by 250 m. over 1.8 km to top. Fabulous views along the way! Hiking boots recommended.

• Peachlander wannabes should note that all true Peachlanders have climbed Pincushion!


4. Gladstone Trail    

     ___ km  Moderate to Difficult

• Trailhead is at end of Harrington Court, off Victoria Street. Elevation increase of 249.5 m.

• Brand new trail, offers a peek into the old Gladstone mine-site. About 90 minutes to climb up, Panoramic views of the valley.


5. Fur Brigade Trail  

     __ km  Low - Avg Difficulty

• Trailhead is high above Hardy Falls, accessed by dirt road. • There are 2 trails going South – take the lower one.  Varying grades, with loose gravel Amazing views!. Access to Fur Brigade Linear Park.


6. Stairway to Heaven

     1 to 2 km     Difficult

• Trailhead is from parking lot at Victoria St. Park. 158 steep stairs to get a beautiful view looking South down Okanagan Lake. At top, several paths may be taken.


NOTE: We also have an amazing trail by Lake Okanagan,

3 km in length, from Trepanier Creek (north) to Blind Angler (south). Great for walking, with or without dogs! This is level ground, two-thirds paved (from Bliss (13th Street) to Blind Angler). Fabulous lake and mountain views! Access to great shops and restaurants.


5. Peachland Does Moor For Boaters!


A. Peachland Has a Day Wharf, popular with Tourists

 • Located in downtown Peachland, for day use moorage only.

• No charge to use. 

• Breakwater – enter with care.

• This wharf provides very good shelter from south & north winds.


Many visitors from other Lake Okanagan locations trip over here, moor their boats, then spend the day shopping in the nearby retail outlets, and having dinner before heading home. Great day outing!


B. Public Marina – the only one between Kelowna & Penticton

 Pentowna Marina & Peachland Water Sports (Dockside Marine Boat Rentals), at South end of Beach Ave, next to Blind Angler.

Boats, personal watercrafts and water toys are available.


C. Boat Launches

Peachland has several places for residents and tourists to launch their boats.

•  Main launch is by Yacht Club Marina at 8th Street, There are parking spaces sized for truck & trailer along lakeside of Beach. No overnight parking.

• Smaller boats may also launch:

   - Doggy Beach, Hwy 97 and Princeton (South end, just past Blind Angler). Large area for parking trucks/trailers

   - Beach Ave, Just past Trepanier Creek (North of bridge). Parking is catch as catch can along Beach.



6. Peachland Caters To Swimmers, Picnickers


A. Swimmers


Swim Bay, on Beach Ave. in front of Visitors Centre and Community Centre is the favourite swimming area.

     This is a pebble beach, with a diving board, zip line, rope swing, and seasonal lifeguards (the only ones on Lake Okanagan). Life jackets are available to borrow (limited). Aquatic wheelchair ramp, & aquatic wheelchair too! Picnic area.

There is a popular concession stand in Summer.


Trepanier Bay Beach

Swimming area & walking path. Sandy beach by the Bay. Park on Beach Avenue. Across from Trepanier Creek Linear Park


Cove Beach

   • Located near the North end of Beach Avenue.

   • Scenic swim area


Antler’s Beach Regional Park, at South end of Peachland

   • Located by Hwy 97 at Hardy Street (south past Beach Ave).

   • Plenty of parking.


B. Water Recreation  (seasonal)


Wibit Waterpark.

• Kids of all ages (5+) love it!

• Located in the water across from Bliss Bakery


Peachland Beach Rentals

• Also located across street from Bliss bakery. 

• Canopy Bikes, Kayaks (single or double), Paddleboards,


Dockside Marine Boat Rentals,

• Located at South end of Beach Ave, next to Blind Angler.

• Boats, personal watercraft and water toys available.


Gone Kayaking

• Located on Beach Ave, at end of Williams St,  N. of Todd’s Campground. (250) 859-5483.

• Instruction on Sea Kayaking


C. Picnic Areas      "Peachland is a waterfront playground with many picnic areas!”


1. Between Bliss Bakery (13 St.) and Trepanier Creek Bridge (1 km long), there are more than 40 benches and picnic tables! Parking beside the Lake on Beach Ave.


2. In the remaining 2 km South to Heritage Park (across from Museum), there are many more,   including by Swim Bay.


3. Heritage Park has tables – bring your own food, or do a takeout from a nearby restaurant!


4. Antler’s Beach

 • Located by Hwy 97 at Hardy Street (south past Beach Ave).


5. Cove Beach.

• I’ve seen one picnic table here.


D. Public Washrooms

 • Swim Bay, on Beach Ave.

 • Trepanier Creek, beside Todd’s Campground, on Beach Avenue

 • Beside Museum, South end of Beach Avenue

 • Community Centre, on 6th St.


7. Peachland is Dog-Friendly!!


Dog-Friendly Parks

• Dogs on leash are allowed access to all parks and green spaces, unless designated.


Where Dogs Not Allowed

• Dogs not allowed on parks with playgrounds, sports fields or designated swim beaches.


• Designated swim beaches are: Swim Bay, Todd Campground and by 13th Street (across from Bliss).


Off-Leash Parks

A. Wilderness park areas:

   • Sanderson Park, located at 5900 Sanderson

   • Pincushion Place Park (off 6th Ave/end of Pincushion Place).

   • Mackinnon Park (MacKinnon Rd and Upton Rd corner).

 B. Dog Beach

   • The "T" Boat Launch has a fenced Doggy Beach (Princeton/Hwy 97 - past boat launch)


8. Peachland has Many Unique Boutiques and Helpful Shops!


Where to find Beach Clothes & Toys, Fishing/Hunting Gear


On Beach Boutique, at 5884 Beach Ave,

     has (for women) water shoes, flip-flops, sunglasses, bathing suits, beach bags, sun hats.


Ace Hardware at 5836 Beach,

     is a treasure trove – Beach toys, water shoes, life jackets, sunglasses, Peachland and Ogopogo souvenirs, giftware, hats & T-shirts, Fishing gear, Live bait, Hunting knives, & more!


Chico’s Paradise Clothing 

     has men’s and women’s sandals, sun hats, bathing suits.


IGA in Peachland Centre on Hwy 97

     has larger beach toys and pocket books (Note: easy access and parking for RV units)


Dollar Store in Peachland Centre

     has noodles, beach toys, beach umbrellas, sandals, water shoes, balloons, party supplies.


Bosleys in Peachand Centre

     has beach toys for dogs.


A. Gift Shops & Casual/Dressy Clothing Boutiques


On Beach Boutique & Gifts, at 5884 Beach

     Fabulous lines of casual to dressy clothing, & an excellent selection of giftware.


Chico’s Paradise Clothing 

     For men (including Tall) & women (up to 3x),

     Has huge inventory of designer clothes! Jewellery. You could spend hours shopping here!


Peachland Visitors Centre

     Gifts and souvenirs, some branded as Peachland.

     Showcases local artists and artisans.

     Maps, brochures in abundance, local and extended.


Déjà Vu Gift & Décor, at Beach & 13th St.,

     Has a wealth of interesting gifts, art, décor items, even furniture; much Canadiana.

     My wife has to leave her credit card at home, or she’d buy one of each!


The Lanai, at Beach & 13th St.,

     Intriguing designer ladies wear, lingerie, handbags, boots, shoes, jewellery, silk hand-painted scarves, and more.

     My wife has spent hours browsing (& buying)!


Dragonfly and Amber Gallery, at Beach & 13th St.,

     says “We shop the world for you.”

     Art, giftware, cards, women’s clothes, jewellery, accessories, “artful delights.”


Gallery 97 (seasonal),    Located on Hwy 97, just South of Beach Avenue exit.

     Large selection of local/other art.


Bargain Bin, located at United Church on 4th St.,

     Is in its own category, filled with every kind of re-usable item one can imagine, at very low prices.

     A church fund-raiser.



B. Food


1. Grocery Store

• IGA in Peachland Mall specializes in local produce & fruit, and everything you can imagine for a super picnic! In-store bakery.

• Summer hours – 8 am to 9 pm.


2. Convenience Stores

   • PetroCan Station & Store, In Peachland Ctre. Opens 6 am

   • Sunnyside Market., 5854 Beach. Focus is on liquor, but carries convenience items.


C. Liquor Stores

      • Peachland Liquor Store, in Peachland Ctre, off Hwy 97.

      • Sunnyside Market, 5854 Beach.


D. General & Specialty Shops


1. Dollar Store, in Peachland Centre

     Typical products array.


2. Bosley’s by Pet Valu, in Peachland Centre

      Everything that you could imagine for pets!


3. Ace Hardware, 5836 Beach

     Has all the handy stuff you need for your holiday projects.


4. Drug Stores (2)    For books, magazines, toiletries, & other personal care products.

     • Peachland Pharmacy, 5848 Beach;

     • Remedy’s Rx,  Peachland Centre



9. Peachland has Many Useful Services!


A. Personal Care


Karen’s Place, near South of Beach Ave,

     offers salon services, including haircuts, perms, colours, hair updos and styling, manicures, pedicures, massages and facials.


Peachland Lakeside (Chiropractic and) Massage, at 4403 – 2nd St.,

     offers sports/ general massage


#4 Hair Company, in Peachland Centre.

     • Full service salon for men & women,

     • Lynne runs the salon; husband Moe is the barber.


Restoration Station, at Beach & 13th St.

     Spa, Hair, Massage Therapy.


Sky Nails & Spa, in Peachland Ctre on Hwy 97.

     Offers manicures/ pedicures.


B. Medical Services


• Doctors:

Closest walk-in clinic is Towne Centre Medical Clinic at #18, 2475 Dobbin Road in West Kelowna (under 10 km).

Open 8 am-6 pm Monday-Friday; Sat. 9 am -3 pm.

Phone  (250) 768-8315.


2. Dentist

      Peachland Dental Centre at 4405 – 3rd St.

     “Professionals are always available for emergencies”


3. Chiropractor

     Lakeside Chiropractic (& Massage Therapy) at 4403 – 2nd St.


4. Laboratory Service   Open in Peachland, in Fall 2018.

     Located at Peachland Centre on Hwy 97, beside the Drug Store.


5. Prescription Drugs & Related Products: may be filled & available at 2 pharmacies.

Both offer a variety of helpful medical services:

   • Peachland Pharmacy, 5848 Beach Avenue

   • Remedy’s Rx, Peachland Centre, on Hwy. 97


C. Other Services


Auto repair

     Lakeside Auto Care at 5866A Beach, at 1st St.

          2017 Peachland Chamber Business of the Year


 Library – Peachland Centre, on Hwy 97

     Audio and hardcopy books

     Current online 4,000 newspapers to read.

     Free internet access to check your email.



     Effective Printing Inc., 4422 – 1st St. 

          Offset printing; quick-print is available.


Real Estatein case a visitor wants to enjoy Paradise full-time!

     Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty

          has 2 Offices on Beach Ave, one at 5878E and the other at 13th St.


Legal Services

     Lawyer. John Humphries is a long-time Peachland lawyer

          recently re-located to a home office. Call (250) 767-2221.

     Notary. Lakeside Notary,     5578A Beach Ave.


Cash Machines

      1. VantageOne Credit Union, in Peachland Centre

      2. Royal Bank machine in IGA, in Peachland Centre

      3. Royal Bank machine in PetroCan Convenience Store, in Peachland Centre

      4. Generic machine available at: Sunnyside Market, 5854Beach



     Johnston Meier Insurance, near South end of Beach Ave (in new building).



     Peachland View, 4437 – 3rd St.,

          a weekly publication, in street boxes Thursdays about 9 am.

          A prime source of current and upcoming events!


Town Crier.

     Okanagan Town Crier, Bruce Klippenstein

          Available to send your special greeting to anyone in the world, and make it available on-line for recipient.

Call (778) 583-5547.


Visitors’ Centre,  5684 Beach

     The best source of information about Peachland events, attractions, the Bats, Ogopogo, and much more!

    I ’ll expand farther down



10. Peachland has Many Recreation Facilities!


1. Fitness Room - Community Centre (separate building)

   • Open 5 am - 10 pm, 7 days/wk

   • Rates are reasonable.

   • Equipment is extensive – weights, bikes, treadmills, elliptical, rowing, universal gym.

   • Showers & Lockers in Ctre.

   • When Comm. Ctre. Is closed, access bathrooms at Swim Bay.

   • Drop in anytime during Community Ctre. operating hours.


2.Linear Park - Trepanier Creek

   • Located at Beach and Todd Road. By creek waterway,

   • Passive Info Kiosk, Benches

   • Pathway to under-highway walk to Peachland Ctre Mall

   • Connects to Outdoor Fitness Trail


3.Outdoor Fitness Circuit/Trail

   • Located on Harolds’ Walkway in Lambly Park; across Hwy. from Peachland Centre Mall.

   • 11 stations with fitness equipment. Great workout!


4. Tennis courts (2)

   • Located in Lambly Park


5. Pickleball Courts

   • Indoor (4) and Outdoor (2)

   • Outdoor – no charge; drop-in,

      located beside tennis courts

   • Indoor – specified times for 3 different skill levels (Summer is unspecified skills); reasonable rates.

      At Community Centre.


6. Skateboard Park

   • Located in Lambly Park, beside the tennis courts

   • Skateboards, bikes, scooters

   • Online review: “This park is so much fun. It has a small four foot bowl and a few other obstacles. It is one of my favorite

        places in Okanagan to skate.”


7. Hiking and Walking trails

   (see separate section earlier)


8. ZipZone Peachland "Canada’s highest freestyle zip-line (381 ft.)"

   • Located 8 km up Princeton Ave (extension of South end of Beach)

   • 6 lines that criss-cross the Deep Creek Gorge.

   • 89% of users rate it Excellent, and 8% very good.


9. Okanagan ATV Tours

   • 2,4, and 7 hour tours offered, all equipment supplied; experienced tour guides

   • Located at 5463 McDougald Road.


1. 50+ Activity Centre, 5672 Beach Avenue

   • Potluck Dinners – 4th Friday

   • Pancake Breakfasts on May to Sept. Long Weekends (Sunday 8 am to 11.00 am)

   • Bingo Thursday; starts 6:45 pm

   • Drop-in Bridge 1pm Mon/Wed

   • AA meetings

   • More info, call (250) 767-9133



11. Peachland has Unique Attractions!


1. Our Cenotaph has Special Significance

     • The Cenotaph is located in Cenotaph Park, between Day Use Wharf and Heritage Park.

     • Of special significance is that in World War I Peachland had the greatest loss per capita of any community in Canada.

         Fewer than 500 people lived in Peachland, but 14 were killed in action and another 3 in service. The Governor-

         General visited Peachland to honour them, and the Peachland commitment.


2. Parrot Island Sanctuary is an Unique Attraction

     • It is a place for abandoned and abused exotic birds., run by a rescue group, located at 5090 MacKinnon Road


3. Peachland Farmers and Crafters Market, in Heritage Park, beside the lake, at South end of Peachland.

     • Held every Sunday from the one after May long weekend to last one in September, in

     • Great location includes children’s playground, benches, picnic areas, walkways.  2018 is 13th season.

     • Wide variety of products and produce.


4. Peachland Players, West end of 4th St.

     • Live Theatre Group presents 2 plays in 2018, in May and December.  


12. Peachland has a Myriad of Artists in Many Media


     • Thirteen Artistic Groups are coordinated by the Peachland Community Arts Council (PCAC).

     • These include: painting, quilting, gardening, performing, carving, miniatures, photography, writing, singing, potters,

         and more! 

     • Each group has many talented and passionate artists/performers, and both community and visitors are much richer

         for their presence.

     • They meet & perform year-round,

     • Throughout the Summer tourist season, their talent is on display at various times and locations.

Check with Visitor Centre and our weekly newspaper, Peachland View, for upcoming events.


For example,

• Peachland Art Gallery, 5684 Beach in the Historic School,

     • is an artist-run community gallery hosted by the PCAC. 

     • it has many displays and performances throughout the year.


• Peachland Art Group, who meet weekly in the Community Centre,

     • have an Annual Art Show and Sale, with over 400 pieces available to view and/or buy.

     • In 2018, the 58th Annual, this was held May 26 & 27


• Passion4Art , a group of local painters who meet weekly to share visions & artistic ideas,

     • have an exhibition each year. 2019 was on a weekend mid-July – likely to be repeated next year at about same time.


• The Annual Summer Arts Program is an unique opportunity to watch artists in action,

     on site in the Little Schoolhouse, located -Brandon Lane, 4th St.

          • In July, the exhibits run Thursday thru Saturday, and in August Wednesday thru Saturday. Typically, 2 artists’ works are featured each week.

          • Sundays, you may enjoy viewing their art, with the artists on hand, as you treat yourself at the Sunday Teas on the gorgeous patio. A special event for visitors and residents!



13. Peachland Has Two Wineries & Two WineTours!



      • Peachland is home to two wineries, each with a niche market in which they excel.

     • The terroir due to Peachland’s unique weather is a significant factor in their success.


A. Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards

     • Located at historic Greata Ranch, just south of Peachland on Highway 97,

      • Specializes in sparkling wines, which blossom in this relatively-cooler part of Okanagan. 

      • The history of this winery is intriguing – ask Gordon Fitzpatrick or his staff when you visit. They only opened in 2017,

         but already have won significant awards, including 5 Gold at National Wine Awards of Canada 2018.

      • Along with the winery, Fitz Bistro serves delicious luncheon fare Wednesday thru Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm. Brunch

         served weekends, & Monday long weekends.


B. Hainle Organic & Deep Creek Wine Estate,

     • 5355 Trepanier Bench Road,

     • 1st organic winery in N. America to produce Ice Wine.

     • Their Wine Shop is open for tasting & purchase daily 11 am to 5 pm,  April 30 to Oct. 31.

     • Their wines have won many awards, & are sold internationally.  

     • Luxe Life Magazine, in London England, named them “Best Range of High Quality Wines


Wine Tours


   A. Winelicious Tours

      • Phone (250) 870-0506

      • Specializes in tours to 2 distinctive wine regions: Summerland’s   Bottleneck Drive and Naramata Bench.

      • They also have a Peachland Wine & Dine Tour, for a local authentic experience.

      • Private and other Tours are available also.

   B. Napa North Wine Tours

      • Phone (250) 469-2447

      •  Picnic Lunches, Champagne House Cellar Tours, new cideries & breweries

      • Wine tasting indulgences, boutique wineries, organi wineries

      • Custom tours may be arranged



14. Peachland has Many Places to Stay


Bed & Breakfast

      • There are numerous Bed and Breakfasts in Peachland, as well as VRBO sites & AirBnB facilities.

      • Details for many, about rates, facilities, pets, ambiance, term, etc. are in the “Official Visitors Guide for Peachland,” published by the Peachland Visitor Centre.


• I scrounged to find the names of accommodation places available in Peachland,  Some have a website; others are listed with an agency, or both. Then I verified which have a Business Licence in Peachland. The results are shown below.


A Day’s Dream;              At The Top Of The Hill         Beach Ave. B&B;         Beach Avenue Rentals     Beatrice B&B           

Blathanna B&B;             Brendale B&B                       Cherie B'z B&B            Heartstone B&B;             Kiwi’s Place B&B;     

Lake Bend Inn B&B;      Morgan B&B                         Mustard House B&B    Okanagan Oasis;            Orchard Estates     

Panoramic View Guest Suites    Eagle’s Nest B&B;   Peachland Inn             Peachy Place B&B;       Percival's Lakeview Place;

Poolside Retreat;           RuBea’s Place B&B;    Sandy's Peachland Home   Serenity Lakeview B&B   Villa Sorana B&B;          Westaways WaterWalk;   Yellow Haus B&B 

Just Outside Peachland (no Peachland Business Licence)

Pineacre on the Lake;  7220 Hwy 97 S.    


Vacation Rentals (no Peachland Business Licence)

I identified 8 additional Peachland vacation rentals that had no business license.


      Todd’s RV and Camping

          • The Todd Family have operated here since 1956. 

           • Located by the lake on Beach, about 1 km  to Bliss Bakery, & a bit more to Peachland Centre Mall

           • Features shaded sites, full RV hook-ups, free hot showers, children’s playground, Store Beach Volleyball,  Firepit



 Davis Cove Waterfront Resort

    • Located North end Beach Ave

   • Phone (250) 767-2355

   • 15 cottages on sandy beach

   • Daily/weekly stays

   • toddler playground, docks, boat moorage, picnic gazebo, Laundromat.



15. Peachland has Churches & Service Clubs


A. Churches


Peachland Baptist Church 

   • 4204 Lake Avenue, at 13th St

   • Worship Sunday 10:30 am


Peachland Community Church

   • 4464 – 4th Street, within St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

   • Worship Sunday at 2 pm


Peachland United Church

   • 4421 – 4th Street

   • Worship Sunday at 10 am


St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

   • 4464 – 4th Street

   • Worship Sunday 10 am


B. Service Clubs


Rotary International

   • Meets at Gasthaus Restaurant, Thursdays at 12 noon



   • 4440 – 5th Street

   • Meets 2nd Wednesday of mo.

   • Dinner Meeting 4th Wednesday of month, at Community Centre,


Masons – Trepanier Lodge #83

   • 5842 Beach Avenue

   • Meets 2nd Tuesday each month.


16. Two Key Sources of Info for Tourists


Peachland has two superb sources of information about Peachland facilities, activities, and events.


1. Peachland Visitors Centre is the Best Source of Info about Peachland Tourism & Events

     • Located at 5684 Beach Avenue, in Peachland Historic School.

     • The Centre is funded by District of Peachland


There are several dimensions to the Visitors Centre:


A. Current Maps, Brochures and knowledge

     • about Peachland History, Businesses, How to Find, and Activities/Events.

     • Official Visitor Guide for Peachland

     • For the next steps of your trip, there are brochures from other communities & their activities.

      • Rated the top 5 stars by Trip Advisor (80% excellent; 20% very good).


B. Legends of the Lake Interpretive Centre

      i. Video about Ogopogo, the legendary sea serpent of Lake Okanagan, who lives by Rattlesnake Island


     ii. Bat Interpretive Display

           • Bats are the reason Peachland is mostly mosquito-free!

           • Live video of the Bats in the attic of the building

           • Comprehensive info about Peachland bats, their lives, & their impact on Peachland

           • How Bat Education & Ecological Protection Society (BEEPS) is  educating the public about bats, &is helping to

               preserve the health & habitats of these 2,000 Yuma and brown bats.

           • Children’s books authored by our Lady Bat, Darlene Hartford.


     iii. The remarkable story of the preserving & restoring of the 1908 primary school, now named Historic Peachland


           • School now is the base for Peachland Visitors Centre, Chamber of Commerce, Peachland Youth Centre, Yuma Bat

               Roost, Peachland Art Gallery, Community Meeting Room.


     iv. Gathering Peachland’s Past

           • a recent historical display addition, created in partnership with Visitors Centre, Peachland Historical Society, and

                Westbank First Nations.

           • Interactive and informative info about early industries, incredible Fur Brigade Trail, & much more.


C. Gift Store

     • Gifts & souvenirs, some branded as Peachland.

     • Showcases local artists and artisans.


D. Artisan Indoor Market

     • Hosted by the Visitors Centre, featuring local wineries & artisans; held on specific Saturdays

     • Includes photography, soap stone sculptures, jewellery, jams and preserves, baked goods, juice and honey, fashion,

         interior décor and so much more!


2. Peachland View Community Newspaper,  Located at 4437 – 3rd St

     • This is a free weekly community newspaper, street-available about 9-10 am on Thursdays; delivered Friday to all


     • Street boxes located

          • in Peachland Centre Shopping Mall, and

          • downtown at their premises and

          • in front of Sunnyside Market, 5854 Beach Avenue.

    • The View is a prime source of not only news, but also upcoming events in the community, both recurring and unique

            events throughout the year.    

     • You may also find info about upcoming events on their website.


• Peachland View also publishes the annual Peachland Business and Telephone Directory, which includes:

     • Emergency Numbers

     • Community Directory


     • Events Planned for Year

     • Residents & Businesses

            (by name, A to Z)

     • Business Directory

            (by category, A to Z).

Call the View to obtain your copy, if not out of stock. (250) 767-7771.

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