To Whom Rates May be Applied


Fee Rates may Apply To:          Businesses                    Individuals

No Charge, except mileage:     Civic administrations    Service organizations    Non-profit organizations.



Fee Rates are based on Time Spent, but ONLY for

     • Travel to and from event, and for

     • Performance time at event.

No charges are added for time spent on: Research, Creative Writing, Scroll Copy of Presentation, Video of Presentation.


• Time Spent on Travel and Performance will be estimated in advance, so that fee is calculable;

• invoice will be prepared and paid before performance;

• Payment may be made by E-Transfer to klipper1@shaw.ca;

• If relevant and if significant, charge adjustment can be made at time of performance, and paid at that time.

Amount                 No extra charge for Mrs. Town Crier to accompany Town Crier                               Rate Card#1 Effective April 2, 2018


   1st Half Hour                 (minimum)                            $50          

   2nd Half Hour                                                               $25

   2nd and additional hours                                      @  $25/hour


All TownCRY-a-Grams (remote CRYS) will be charged a Half-Hour Rate of $50.00

Mileage Charge when No Other Charges are Payable  (based on approx. $.40/km from/to Peachland)

     $20 W. Kelowna                               $25 Kelowna, Summerland                               $30 Lake Country 

     $40 Penticton                                   $50 Oliver                                                            $60  Vernon, Osoyoos.

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